General Health

Health Topics and Fact Sheets from A-Z

(World Health Organization)


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Health Resources  

(Public Health- Seattle & King County, United States)


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  Tagalog                      Vietnamese


Health Publications and Resources

(NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, Australia)


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Health Information in Many Languages

(Health Reach, U.S. National Library of Medicine, United States)


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   Tagalog                     Vietnamese


Health Education Resources in Multiple Languages

(Health Information Translations, United States)


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   Korean                      Tagalog                                    Vietnamese


Health Education Materials

(Chinese Community Health Resource Center, United States)


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Public Health and Safety Topics

(HealthLink BC, Canada)


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Selected Patient Information in Asian Languages (SPIRAL)

(Tufts University, United States)


   English & Simplified Chinese                   English & Traditional Chinese    

   English & Korean                                   English & Vietnamese