Privacy Policy

Asian Alliance for Health (AAFH) Commitment to Privacy

The Asian Alliance for Health (AAFH) respects the privacy of every user who visits, and/or (all collectively referred to as “Website”).  Because user privacy is important to us, we have provided users with information about the collection and use of information that you provide. By visiting, you accept the practices and notices described in AAFH's privacy policy. 


Data Collection

To evaluate the Website and seek for additional ways that the Website can be improved conduct online programs, AAFH collects 

  1. Standard Web server traffic pattern information: General traffic, site usage, browser information and length of stay information is collected and storedon Alliance internal servers. This type of information is shared externally only on an aggregated basis.
  2. Personal information: AAFH does not collect users'personal and identifiable information unless knowingly and voluntariliy provided by the user. Users may be asked to provide personal information for the following online activities: 

    User Account Registration: If users choose to use AAFH services that require a personalized registered account (i.e. access to educational tools, CBPR Match, Trainings/Conferences Registration, etc), all information is stored on AAFH secured servers and will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by law. 

    Online Store: If you choose to purchase any AAFH products, AAFH collects standard credit card information (card number, card type, expiration date) and keeps a record of your financial transaction for record-keeping purposes. Credit card numbers are held only until the charge can be processed and stored as part of the user account registration information if and only if the user chooses to do so. 

    Donations: If users choose to donate to AAFH, AAFH maintains a record of the contributed amount. User financial information will be treated as described under "Online Store". 

    Comments, Idea Exchange and Forums: Information published through Comments, idea Exchange, and Forums become public information. Data shared will be stored on AAFH secure servers as well. 


Data Usage

Internal Use

  1. Unless the user voluntarily and knowingly provides his/her information to AAFH through its website, email, or other communication means, AAFH will have no access to user information. 
  2. If user information is provided by the user, AAFH will enter user's name and contact information (i.e. email address, phone, address) into AAFH user database and may contact users to collect the following (optional, but highly encouraged, for user to complete): 
  • Optional evaluation surveys seeking user feedback 
  • Notify users of recent activities, changes, and other promotions. 
  • Request user participation in an AAFH or AAFH member organization study. 


External Use

Your personal information is confidential and will not be shared with any organization or business entity other than AAFH and its member organizations. AAFH may occasionally hire other organizations to provide limited services on our behalf. These organizations will only receive information necessary to complete their services that was released by the user to AAFH. 



Users may request at any time to view their information shared with AAFH, including financial transactions and donations. Understanding the importance of user security and privacy, AAFH will verify user identity before disclosing any user-related information. 


Data Security

All user data is stored on AAFH and/or its relevant research partners' secured servers  as appropriate (i.e. University of California, San Francisco). 


Policy Updates

AAFH reserves the right to update this policy at any time without notifying its users. AAFH highly encourages users to check this page periodically for the most up-to-date privacy information. 

For additional questions, please contact