User Reviews

User Reviews “I wish I told someone about the abuse, so it could have stopped. Then I wouldn’t have had to carry this burden with me for so long. I didn’t realize how deeply it affected me until I was finally able to speak about it.” - Survivor

“I liked the pictures and animals.” - Child (for the eBook)

“I liked the cartoon characters and fun games.” - Child (for the interactive animated storybook)

“The storyline is captivating and easy to follow, even as adults.” - Parent

“It is difficult to discuss this topic with my child and this story book helped to start the conversation.” - Parent

“Brave Little Panda is a wonderful story that presents the topic of child sexual abuse prevention to its young readers in a sensitive and nurturing way.” - First Grade Teacher

“This is a useful tool for my practice as well as for my clients.” - Mental Health Practitioner

“Child sexual abuse is usually committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. This story helps to empower children in preventing the incident from happening and/or reporting it.” - Health Educator