Brave Little Panda App (Spanish)

Brave Little Panda App (Spanish)
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Brave Little Panda likes to have play-dates with Cousin Panda. One evening, Cousin Panda does something bad and warns Little Panda not to tell anyone. Follow the story and find out how Little Panda became the Brave Little Panda!

Brave Little Panda is a tool to raise awareness of child sexual abuse prevention; empower children to take action; and promote dialogue amongst children, parents, educators, and providers about this sensitive issue. Please join us in the fight against child sexual abuse by purchasing and promoting this App. The purpose of this App is to generate revenue for Asians Against Violence and Chinese Community Health Resource Center programs and services.

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This App is also available in the following languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional Chinese), English, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese .